5 Reasons to Consider a Water Garden for Your Home

5 Reasons to Consider a Water Garden for Your Home

If you have some unused space outside or you just need a garden makeover, consider a water garden. With so many water garden options, you will surely find one to suit your needs. Some options to consider include a wildlife pond, koi pond, fountain pond, small stream, and container water garden among many others. To boost functionality and beauty, you could add some plants, fountain features, fish, or a waterfall. No matter what direction you take, you will benefit so much from having a water garden. Some of the key benefits include:

5 Reasons to Consider a Water Garden for Your Home

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A well designed water garden will boost the beauty of your home. A great aesthetic appeal will give your guests a good first impression when they walk into your home. For the residents, a beautiful garden makes your home more serene and it can actually entice you to spend more time outside. According to Harvard Medical School, when you spend time outdoors, you will be happier, you will get more Vitamin D, your concentration will become better, those who are unwell may heal faster, and you will get a chance to exercise more.

Fresh Air

A water garden can keep the air in your compound fresh for two key reasons. When water is moving, it releases negative ions to the environment. Negative ions produce so many good effects in the body. According to WebMD, they can increase serotonin, helping to boost energy and relieve stress and depression. The second benefit comes from having plants. Plants freshen the air by taking in carbon dioxide and removing toxin from air. Thus, if you have a waterfall and plants as your features, you will be breathing in tons of fresh air.

Keep Plants Alive Throughout

Also, water gardens can keep your plants alive throughout, and you won’t have to water them every day. Plants require an adequate supply of water to keep them green, and daily watering is exhausting unless you have a smart sprinkler.

Block the Street Noises

If you live near the streets or in a noisy neighbourhood, you can design a water garden that will filter these noises. If you work from home, a waterfall would be great for masking all the distracting noises that steal your focus. The soothing sounds can also be very helpful if you have a hard time falling asleep at night due to outdoor noise.

Keep the Home Cool

Finally, with a water garden, you can keep your home cool even during the hot months. It will make your garden an ideal place to relax, read a book or do some meditation when it is hot. Don’t forget to drink more fluids in hot weather, and don’t spend too much time outside when it is too hot.

To get maximum benefit from your water garden, choose the location wisely and also get the right features. Also, consider seeking professional help for both the design and installation, especially if you are not sure what to choose. It is better to spend some money on a contractor than to do work yourself and make mistakes, requiring things to be redone later.

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