Aging Chimneys Need TLC, Too!

Aging Chimneys Need TLC, Too!

You may not think much about your chimney during the spring, summer, and early fall months. Then all of a sudden, you want to start a fire and find out that the chimney needs some major tender loving care. Heavy winds, flying debris, scorching sun, and freezing temperatures can all do different types of damage to your chimney, and because it is out of sight, it may also be out of mind. Here are three ways you can prolong the life of your chimney.


All chimneys have a liner made from clay tiles, metal tubing, or lightweight cement. If the earth shakes, the wind hurls debris, or water freezes in cracks, the liner can become compromised and in need of help. Sometimes the liner needs to be taken out and replaced to ensure the integrity of the whole unit. This can easily be done, and metal is often the modern replacement, although it can be more expensive than the other types of liners.


When you burn a log in your fireplace, the firebox keeps the smoke in and directs it up into the damper. The smoke then moves up the hood and into the lining of your chimney, which eventually directs it out into the air above your home. As the air moves up from the hood, it can begin to cool, which can create a tar-like substance known as creosote. The creosote attaches to the walls of your chimney and can cause chimney fires if not regularly removed by a professional cleaner.


It may be a crashing neighborhood tree, hurling, wind blown debris, or the way your home settles that causes your fireplace to crack or become damaged. When that happens, call in a chimney construction Washington DC to repair the damage before the winter cold sets in, and you want to build a fire.

Chimneys can age, and when they do, they need some TLC. If you take care of your chimney, you can have many more years of warmth together.

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