Building a Routine HVAC Checklist

Building a Routine HVAC Checklist

When building an HVAC routine checklist there are certain things which are of vital importance and should be done on a routine, while others can be checked only once a year. For example, certain should be at the top of your list of things to do. First, to keep your HVAC unit functioning properly a clean and quality air filter should be replaced either once every 6 months to a year. The purpose of a clean air filter is to keep debris from getting into your home.

Closing all HVAC Exposure

Besides putting in a new air filter and other important point of your HVAC checklist is making sure your HVAC unit is free from all kinds of leaves, branches and things that can get into your ventilation and cause internal damage. Especially during the winter, small animals seeking to hide from the winter winds will set up a temporary home in the vents and openings to an HVAC unit. These small animals like squirrel or field mice are attracted to the heat produced by the unit in the winter and the cool air in the summer. By making safe any entrance to your HVAC unit homeowners guarantee no internal damage is done to their HVAC units.

Clearing Unit Surroundings

This tip is a common problem for homeowners, especially if the yard has thick vegetation and shade trees. IN heavy wind weather small branches, leaves, and twigs can easily fall against the HVAC unit and cause a problem to the proper airflow of an HVAC unit. AN important part of an HVAC checklist is to remove this cluttering from around the HVAC unit. As mentioned, small animals are also adept at building small nests of branches along with vents and entrances to the airflow in attics and roofs. A good wire mesh is a healthy precautionary device keeping small animals from blocking important airflow on ground, roof, or attic. By clearing airflow ventilation homeowners can also increase savings on energy use.

Local HVAC Maintenance Search

HVAC maintenance is readily available throughout most communities. A homeowner located in a small western town can use a simple internet search. For example, most any “heating contractor stockton ca” will retrieve the best HVAC maintenance shops in a geographical area along with contact information and can be repeated for any local community throughout the States. This kind of local search will guarantee you get the highest-rated HVAC maintenance available. A homeowner can run his HVAC checklist before his local HVAC professionals for further tips.

HVAC Inspection Frequency

A familiar question asked by homeowners is how often they should run maintenance on their HVAC units. A majority of homeowners find that annual, semi-annual and monthly or seasonal HVAC checklist is sufficient for residential units, while smaller to larger businesses may require more care during extreme seasonal temperatures. If a homeowner is in doubt whether his home is safe with only one or two checkups a year, they can consult local community HVAC services to receive further suggestions in ramping up their HVAC care throughout the year.

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