How to Maintain Your Business’ Parking Lot

How to Maintain Your Business’ Parking Lot

In order for people to visit your establishment, they need a place to park. Few people want to park their vehicles on an overgrown, cracked or holey parking lot. These tips can help you maintain lot and extend the time between pavings or repairs.

Regular Cleaning

Using a street sweeper Washington can rid the parking lot of unwanted dirt and debris. Most take care of the accumulation of litter people leave around. A parking lot full of cigarette butts, broken glass and paper is unsightly. Set up a monthly schedule to have the parking lot cleaned including the sidewalks and median areas. This presents a beautiful lot that offers customers a better first impression of your business.

New Paint

If the parking lines are faded, it may be a good idea to repaint the lot. This not only helps your customers more easily navigate where to park, but it also improves the appearance of the lot. If you change where the lines are, you can alter the impact vehicles have on the asphalt or concrete. New line locations have tires sitting in new ways rather than always parking in the exact same spot.

Pothole Repair

Asphalt is particularly prone to potholes which are not only ugly to look at, but they can also damage vehicles. The sooner you repair them, the less damage they are likely to cause. Repairing them when they are small is easier and more affordable. Waiting until the lot is full of holes and spider cracks may require repaving. Some spots may require complete removal before new asphalt is laid.

Add Sealcoat

One final tip to protect the lot is to seal coat it. Weather especially water can damage the asphalt, but a seal coat offers an additional level of protection from the elements. Plan to seal coat the lot about every two years. Some lots may need sealing more often depending on the local climate.

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