Investing in Thai Real Estate: Should You Consider Buying a Villa in Phuket?

Investing in Thai Real Estate: Should You Consider Buying a Villa in Phuket?

It is no secret that the Thai real estate market is a lucrative one for western expatriates and local investors alike, but should you dip a toe into Phuket’s local real estate market in 2019? We are talking about villas in particular, as they offer exclusivity, which is in general, lacking on the island but highly sought after by distinguished customers and tourists.

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The answer is somewhat subjective, depending on a few factors such as who you are and what your expectations are from the investment. In general though, being one of the most beautiful locations in Southeast Asia, there is actually no real reason why you shouldn’t buy a luxurious villa in Phuket, as should become evident while discussing the various aspects of such a purchase.

Some of the Villas are Truly and Absolutely Gorgeous

It may sound generic, but in order to understand the fact that it is just the plain truth, you need to check out what we are talking about firsthand. For starters, just take a look at the luxury private pool villas Phuket on the Banyan Tree Residences official website. These are gorgeous properties with personal pools, Jacuzzis, outdoor showers, colorful, vibrant décor and expansive rooms created with the sole purpose of providing the best staying experience for their respective owners. To top it all off, even their locations offer access to breathtaking sceneries on the coast.

From both a business and a personal perspective, the visual and residential appeal of these villas makes them a great investment. If you decide to sell them after a few years, such high-class and well-planned properties, located on one of the most visited islands in the whole world, are almost guaranteed to fetch you a hefty profit. However, you should always check out the property in person before confirming the purchase, because not every real estate dealer in Phuket is reliable, especially the non-reputed ones.

The Thai Government Welcomes It

Now, there is admittedly some controversy regarding how much support the Thai government provides in reality and to whom. Nevertheless, Phuket is still a developing island and it is in the interest of the local government to support real estate investors and customers to promote development on the island. This is particularly true when foreign investments or even local investments in high-value properties such as villas are concerned. Long term visas allow foreigners to stay in the country for as long as up to twenty years at a stretch, before it is necessary to apply for a visa again.

Western Tourists and Travelers Love Phuket

When you buy a villa in one of Phuket’s prime destinations, it instantly becomes a magnet for thousands of high-end tourists coming into the country from outside. Given the growth of tourism in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya in the recent years, it would not be an exaggeration to state that on deciding to rent out your villa, you will be earning a decent income throughout the year. The initial investment is the most important thing to consider while buying a villa on the island, but if one can afford that part, the property will likely pay for itself in either profit or personal enjoyment over the years.

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