Turn Misfortune Into Magnificence

Turn Misfortune Into Magnificence

In the Chicago area, people and homes are prone to several types of disasters including floods, freezes and house fires. Damage to your home will disrupt your life to be sure, but once the immediate danger has passed you may be able to find an upside. It may not take much to turn a rebuild into a remodel, especially in the kitchen where professional help is a must. If you keep a few factors in mind, you can turn your old house into your dream home.

Safety and Livability

Do not return to your home before authorities advise and don’t automatically assume it is safe to live there again. Inspect structural elements looking for weakened walls, caving ceilings or unstable floors. Less noticeable but perhaps more dangerous are unsafe electrical systems or contaminated plumbing.


File a claim immediately and communicate often with the person handling your claim. Once the insurance adjuster has finalized the file you should receive an estimate for repair that tells you how much the insurance company will pay. Find a construction company who will work with your insurance company directly and who specializes in kitchen remodeling lake county il. Doing so will streamline the repair process and shorten the timeline considerably.


Of course, your kitchen needs the basics: appliances, flooring and cabinets. Who says they can’t be stylish too? Insist on advanced technology in the appliances. Update those shiny chrome fixtures with elegant brushed finishes. If the walls need replacing you may be able to change the entire footprint of the kitchen but remember to make the space as functional as possible by preserving the work triangle.


The insurance settlement sets the initial budget, but remember to be flexible if you can. Once the essentials are covered this may be the ideal time to install some of the upgrades you have been considering. While construction crews are already in your home, why not get that second sink or built-in wine fridge? When the work is done you will have turn tragedy into triumph.

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