Why Ranch Homes Are So Popular

Why Ranch Homes Are So Popular

Ranch style homes are the most popular style of homes in Georgia, New York, Virginia, Texas, and about 30 other states. This style has American origins, so it’s no surprise that it is so popular. Currently, this single floor house plan is back in popular demand, especially on the East Coast and in the Midwest, after becoming popular in the ’80s and ’90s.


The ranch home is a flat open floor plan that is much more affordable than some other styles of home, including farmhouses, cottages, and contemporary homes. Across the country, many buyers are finding ranch style homes for less money than the area’s median price. In Atlanta, Georgia, the median home sells for about $180 per square foot, while the ranch home sells for about $92 per square foot. Many first-time buyers can afford a ranch style home compared to other types.

Common Style of Home

This style of home was one of the most common types that was found in the U.S. after World War II. Many young soldiers were moving their young families to new housing developments in the suburbs, and these homes were fast and affordable to build quickly.

Great for Seniors

Since ranch style homes are one story, these homes continue to be popular with seniors and other individuals who may have mobility issues. Stairs can be a tough for those who need help walking. The affordability of the homes is also a big benefit for seniors.


The layout of these homes makes them conducive to integration with the outdoors, since they are ground level. Many of these homes have expansive widows and can give views of nature that help foster a sense of harmony with the elements. These homes have a laid-back living vibe that appeals to a lot of young families with an open and casual layout.  The homes are often on lots that allow for a large backyard. There is usually a sliding glass door that will connect to the patio and backyard.

What Is the Ranch Home Style?

Ranch style homes are one-story homes that have low to the ground profiles. These homes stretch horizontally instead of vertically. There is usually a U or L-shaped layout that surrounds a patio in the backyard. There is a low-pitched roof with overhanging wide eaves. Bedrooms are usually down long hallways that are separate from the living room and kitchen, but some newer models feature open floor plans.

Even though most new construction homes are being built with two stories due to the cost of the lots and land, it’s not likely that these homes will lose a lot of their popularity, since they can appeal to everyone from the younger generation to baby boomers. Experts believe the ranch design will continue to improve with modern architecture and still maintain its charm.